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Summer Camp is around the corner, now is the time to sign up! The
following outlines the weekly activities and themes we have planned
for this years KTA Summer Camp fun!

Each week we will continue our tradition of going to the library on
Mondays, the movies (Rea Rd/Stonecrest or Sun Valley 14) on Tuesdays, and swimming on Fridays, as well as the weekly field trips out lined

Week 1 June 11th – 15th: Outta This World! Space Week.

This week we will learn about more about outer space and discuss recent space exploration and discoveries. We will make galaxy play dough. Then campers will team up and excavate space ice and create a story as each object is unveiled from the ice. We will fly on the trampolines, joust, ride the bull and much more at Big Air!

Week 2 June 18th – 22nd: The Last Frontier

This week we will explore the history of the west, and learn about gold mining (North Carolina, California, and Alaska). On Monday we will make a cowboy breakfast in-house and sit together around the camp fire (not real fire). Each camper will have their own “gold Pan” that they will be responsible for (we will use them at breakfast, then paint them and use them for our gold rush (scavenger hunt). On Tuesday we will explore at Reeds Gold Mine.

Week 3 June 25th -29th: Oh the Water!

This week will learn about the importance of water (The essential need for it, the fun we will have in it, and other uses we have for it) but we are going to also discuss the fact that millions do not have access to clean water then contribute to doing something about it! We will have a fundraising project where we will make wood flower boxes. Each child will help build and paint their own design on them. We will then sell them (include soil and a packet of seeds (flower or herb). All proceeds will go to the fund. This will give the kids an opportunity to learn about ways they can help others, while appreciating this essential element of life.

We will paint with water colors in squirt guns, make bubble snake with water bottles, water balloon toss, sponge play, and a bucket relay game…blind folded. This week’s outing will be Discovery Place

Week 4-July 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th: Independence and Beach Fun

This is a split week: Monday and Tuesday will be focused on Independence Day, discussing what the day means. We will read excerpts from the declaration of independence and make our own flip flops for the beach! Tying into Thursday and Friday which will be Beach themed. Where we will play musical towels, play coconut-bowling and beach volleyball at the park. On Thursday we will go bowling at Carolina Lanes.

Week 5- July 9th – 13th: Camp KTA!

This week we will divide the group into separate camps and compete throughout the week. We will camp out in the dojang, go on wilderness walks make Smores, decorate necklace’s made from 1 -1 ½ inch tree branches, make stick men, and have a marshmallow toss competition. We will also eat worms in the mud (Oreo crumbs and gummy worms). This week’s outing will be Morrow Mountain State Park (where we may to go fishing).

Week 6- July 16th – 20th: Culinary (Martial) Arts

This week we will discuss making good food choices, sugar contents in drinks and healthy snack alternatives. We will make morning Smoothies on Monday, healthy afternoon snacks (English muffins, yogurt, bananas, strawberries and blueberries.) on Tuesday and breakfast in-house on Wednesday. We will learn about flavor profiles: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy, and have a taste testing game. On Friday we will have a healthy lunch in-house. This weeks outing will be at a local restaurant where we will learn to find and chose healthy options!

Week 7- July 23rd – 27th: Artists Rising

This week we will make our own oven bake dough and create with it. We will also Create with different mediums (water color, acrylic, pastels, chalk, crayons, pens, and markers). We will paint our annual large-scale painting and paint individual canvas paintings, as well. We will experiment with painting to different genres of music and how it influences your creativity. Our outing will be Dish It Out.

Week 8- July 30th: August 3rd: Pack the Passport!

This week we will be exploring the continents and dedicate each day to a country within five of the continents. Groups will compete in Poster contests (researching art, fun facts, games, and language, international games and begins! We will play games discovered in their research. (If you have a recipe or family roots you would like to share with the kids, we would welcome it!) We will Discuss ways of Travel to see the world. Our outing will be going to the Carolina Aviation Museum (we will see the plane that landed on the Hudson and other aircraft!)

Week 9- August 6th – 10th Where the Wild Things Are!

This is animal week! We will make clay baked animal sculptures. Make egg carton animals. Animal Cookie catchers (paper). Play “Run Rabbit Run”, who am I? and have a “Pet Day” where they can share photos and fun facts about their pets (Maybe even bring one or two in?) Our Outing will be a Why Not and American Ark, Two by Two petting zoo and farm in Monroe, NC.

Week 10- August 13th -August 17th

Senses and Sensibility- This week we are discussing and experimenting with the five senses. We will play games and have challenges and activities relating to hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting. We will compare generic brands and see if we can taste a difference. Taste with specific areas of our tongues (qtip), rely on each other to make it through obstacles blind folded, and experiment with smell therapy. game. Then we will discuss the importance of using your senses wisely! Then, on Friday we will have an END IF SUMMER CAMP PARTY Celebrating taste and smells (of Pizza)!

Work all summer on a HAKA a traditional chat from New Zealand, 
naturally with a KTA Martial Art flair.

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