KTA Taekwondo and Fitness was developed by Master John Burkart’s desire to bring quality Taekwondo to North Carolina. Our school is called “a family black belt academy” because we are committed to every family member becoming a Black Belt! We offer convenient classes throughout the day to meet the varying needs of your schedule: from our home school class in the morning to our evening classes.

Our program changes lives by helping individuals (adults and children, alike) gain respect, confidence, and self-defense skills. Our approach blends hard work, tradition, and discipline with a sense of humor, fun, and community. We ask every student to try their best and be supportive of others. We work hard to get them off the couch and become active in Tae Kwon Do, Fitness and the Community.

At KTA Taekwondo and Fitness, we divide the curriculum into 7 parts for each belt level. This allows the student (child or adult) to master the curriculum easier.

When any student masters a specific part of the curriculum, they earn a colored stripe to be worn on their belt. When the student earns all 7 stripes, he or she graduates to the next belt level.

We want all families to feel comfortable and welcome at our facility – please take advantage of our free trial classes to see for yourself what we are all about!